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Cushion piping is an integral part of a professional looking seat restoration, giving the corners of the various shapes and forms of the vehicle seating a clean and tidy look, as well as providing important structural integrity to the covering, and preventing against rips and tears in the surface material. Call now for sales and info relating to our black cushion piping and other car trimming supplies.

Cushion Piping (3mm) - Black

£ 1.80/m

Cushion Piping (3mm)

Cushion Piping (3mm)

How this product is sold...

Core diameter: 3.0mm (18")
Tail length: 12.5mm (12")

Wing Piping (6mm) - Black

£ 5.40/m

Wing Piping (6mm)

Wing Piping (6mm)

How this product is sold...

Core diameter: 6.0mm (14")
Tail length: 32mm (1")

If you're an international customer and would like to order some black cushion piping, please write to us via email with your material requirements for an individual offer on shipping,

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