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Leather Hide

Throughout centuries, leather hide has been the material of choice for a great many products with particular uses. It's mallable, durable, and can be dyed to the required colour. A great deal of preparation goes into the production of an automotive quality leather hide, and much more than people often imagine. We at Martrim are so passionate about leather hide that we made it our business. We built a reputation by providing the automotive industry with a range of great leather hide products that both we and our customers are proud to handle. Each leather hide passing through Martrim hands has been stored and cared for at the very highest standards.

Buy your leather hide from the best

Our customers are continually choosing to buy their leather hide from us for a reason. You would have to contact our individual customers for complete answers, but the reasons clear to us are as follows:


Say goodbye to sub standard leather hides. Martrim don't leak furniture standard hides into the automotive market. We stock nothing but the best.


Customers are choosing us for leather hides that they simply can't find elsewhere. We have a  highly stocked range and a complete online catalogue to satisfy the curiousity of our customers.

Customer service

We treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. For a fast and