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UK Hide Provider

At Martrim, we pride ourselves on being a UK hide provider through and through. For years we have specialised in serving the automotive industry with increasing quantities of high-end trimming materials, and we don't intend to stop any time soon. We believe that the customer should be put first, and that's why we go out of our way to provide the very best products and services we can. As a UK hide provider, our history has seen us work with the luxury vehicle industry, as well as with individual trimming tasks for many classic British cars. However, it is as a UK hide provider that we see our biggest strength. We've built a reputation on having a large and regularly topped up supply of quality leather hides, ready on demand for our customers in the UK and international market. Our hides are kept in Cheshire, where we are based, making us easily accessible from all parts of the UK. Hide providers can be found around the country, but being central and having such a broad range of products, we are the partner of choice for several large customers and many smaller trimming concerns. We're a UK hide provider for you, especially if you have regular needs due to our high stock levels, but also if you have varying levels of demand. Open an account with Martrim and you're choosing a flexible UK hide provider prepared to offer you a human touch. We know what it was like to start out, and have never lost sight of that, so choose Martrim as a UK hide provider whether big or small.