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Campervan Sidelining Carpet

So, you've got yourself a campervan? More often than not, it's a person's pride and joy. Well built, reliable, and able to get you from A to B to C and ever onwards. We at Martrim love campervans too, but as trimmers, we prefer a campervan that's kitted out nice and tidily with the right side lining carpet. For this reason, we've developed part of our stock range to offer the highest quality side lining carpets, which are ideal for use in campervans and other recreational vehicles. Don't just live your travel dreams, live your travel dreams in style! Side lining carpet is typically attached or adhered to the metal or wooden ply panelling inside a campervan or other large vehicle. Some or our cord carpets also come with a self adhesive backing, making the job of trimming your campervan even easier. If you're not feeling up to the challenge of applying a side lining carpet to the interior of your van, then we'll be glad to do that for you. We've trimmed dozens of campervans and other similar vehicles over the years with our dedicated in house team. We are easy to find from J17 on the M6, and located within easy reach of the major cities of the UK in Cheshire. Choose Martrim for either the materials necessary to trim your campervan yourself, or a one stop trimming shop for a professional finish to your campervan. Why not finish the headlining with a perforated hide?