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Horizon blue is a light-blue colour in which we stock a matching leather and vinyl. Our standard grain leather hide range and vinyl range each feature a horizon blue with a fairly good grain match, So, if you're looking to cover your seats in a light blue colour, choosing the horizon blue option can enable you to save a bit of money by covering the seat side panels in vinyl, and keeping the faces for leather.

£ 177.00/ea

Standard Auto Hide
Horizon Blue

Standard Auto Hide
Horizon Blue

4.5 - 5.0m2 (50ft2) average

1.4mm (116") thick

£ 12.00/m

Auto Vinyl
Horizon Blue

Auto Vinyl
Horizon Blue

1.4m (54") wide roll

1.2mm (116") thick

We can send the above listed horizon blue leather and vinyl products, as well as many of our other car trimming materials to international addressees, so if you're an international customer looking for horizon blue materials to be sent to you, please give send us an email for an individual quote.

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