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Barley is a rich beige colour as per the grain it takes the name from . We stock a few materials by this colour and name, including standard grain auto hides, and vinide leather cloth to match. If you're a trimmer you're likely to know about us, but in case you're not aware - we supply industry professional trimmers and manufacturers with quality leathers, carpets, and all other kinds of car tirmming supplies. Call us today for sales and info regarding our barley car trimming supplies.

£ 177.00/ea

Standard Auto Hide

Standard Auto Hide

4.5 - 5.0m2 (50ft2) average

1.4mm (116") thick

£ 12.00/m

Vinide Leather Cloth

Vinide Leather Cloth

1.4m (54") wide roll

1.2mm (116") thick

We can send the above barley car trimming materials to addresses worldwide, as we increasingly do. If you're an international customer, please send us an email detailing your material requirements and we'll respond with an individual quote for shipping.

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